Tol Eressëa is a punk hardcore band from Toulouse (France), actived since 2009, after a lot of line-up changing. With a stabilized line-up (Myriam, Antoine, Jérôme, Karl, Seb), we played our first gig in april the 11th in Toulouse and recorded six songs in august, at Chanteix, with Nico (The NY-Hill Stillness). Mastered by Yan, our first release, s/t, was available in the beginning of november. Seb leaved us in october and Harold replaced him for our spanish tour (Gritos y Susurros Gira) which set from the 7 to the 14 november with Fatal Nunchaku. Jérôme joined us in the end of november and we played our first show with him in december the 11th with Gasmask Terror.
In april 2010, Tol Eressëa start a mini-tour in France and plays at the Metalorgie Fest. Two months later, the band is on the road with Fatal Nunchaku for a few gigs in Switzerland, France, Germany and Belgium. At the end of the year, we run for a mini tour in Catalunya and three shows with Rhino Surgery and Phalanges Métalliques.
In 2011, we record our second record with our friends Nicolas and Thibaut. Titled « Des fleurs de pierre au coeur du mal », it should be released for our European tour with Maidenhair Tree in june.

We’ve played with Cannibal System, Nolentia, Mental Disorder, Sickness, Gasmask Terrör, Deny Everything, Raxinasky, Dolor, Irkala, Extensity, Fatal Nunchaku, Dissiped, Surrender, Atara, Amenaçà, Maidenhair Tree, Standing The Test, Xanadoo, Dark Castle, Kylesa, Ravayac, Phalanges Metalliques, Masakari, Department of Correction, Rakkaus, Link, Fucked Up, Coliseum, Rhino Surgery and Shaïd.

Line up :
Myriam : vocals
Antoine : drums
Jérôme : guitar
Julien : bass
Karl : guitar

Past members :
Bruno : guitare
Jérôme : bass
Julien : guitare
Sébastien : basse
Harold : bass

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