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Un monceau de feuilles mortes…

LAST MINUTE SHOW : w/ Alarm, Elaoin Sdretu @ Toulouse (Chaussas) 16/02/2012.

VENUE CHANGE :  The place for our show with Boredom changes for Caves de la Notte.

Our night in Marseille was great. Thanx to everyone for welcomed us,  food,  sleeping and friendship. Special thanx to : Delphine, Greg, Mika, Lionel and everybody at Enthropy. Hello to Fatal Nunchaku and Dave Charity. We hope back as soon as possible.

Show in Marseille is the last for a while. It’s time for us to record new stuff.
We are going to participate to a sampler to celebrate the 20th birthday of the french label STONEHENGE  with Gasmask Terrör, Geraniüm, 12XU, Exhaustion…We’re supposed to cover a song from one of the stuff Christophe release since 1993.  For us,  a title from Ekkaia, « Viviendo dias mas oscuros ».
Two others new songs are gonna be recorded soon, one for a split with our friends of Maidenhair Tree, the other maybe with a mexican band.
At last, Des fleurs de pierre au cœur du mal is going to be released in vinyl format with the help of a few labels : Karameikos, Subversive Ways, Crust Or Die, Wee Wee and more…

Next show, the 02/04/2012 in Toulouse with Boredom.

« Ce qui pense, parle ou agit pour moi, c’est toujours un de mes rêves dans lequel je m’incarne à un moment donné. De vraiment moi, je ne ressens qu’une incapacité énorme, un vide immense, une incompétence totale devant la vie. Je ne connais aucun des gestes qui aboutissent à un acte réel (…) Je n’ai jamais appris à exister… » (F. Pessoa).

See you here or elsewhere…Kisses.

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